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What are the Signs Associated with an ABS Module Failure in a Volkswagen?

The ABS is an underappreciated safety component installed in all modern cars that we use regularly. To avoid gliding or skidding in your car during hard braking, your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) must be in great working condition. It prevents your tires from locking up to give you more control of steering during hard braking.

The ABS is also a crucial component for the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) features. The stability control is another safety feature to keep your VW from skidding on one spot of the tire. When the ABS is engaged, it allows the tires to spin slightly during hard braking. This allows you more traction on the road, which gives you more control. Think of slipping on ice if you wore only socks on your feet. However, if you had shoes with more traction, you may have better control of slipping and sliding on ice than without.

Components of the ABS System

An ABS consists of two major components: the ABS device as well as the ABS sensors. These are mounted on each wheel. The sensors are used to determine your wheel’s speed.  This ABS module is the brain of the system. However, it is a complicated component that needs to interface with other automotive systems, such as traction control systems (TCS). When loss of friction or a skid is recognized, this information is communicated to the component which can activate the stability and traction control.

Your Volkswagen is at a higher risk of sliding as well as hydroplaning if the ABS module begins to malfunction in any way. Since these factors diminish your driving control, it is also correct to say that you’re more likely to have an accident if your ABS isn’t working.

ABS Module Failure Detection

If the ABS deteriorates over time, your Volkswagen will generally give you some distinct signs that indicate a problem. Let’s look at these tips in detail:

  • Warning Light For ABS: The illumination of the ABS warning light on your dashboard is by far the most typical and visible signal that your ABS is failing. A separate warning light is not available on all ABS vehicles, as some older models frequently use the check engine light to notify drivers about an ABS failure. However, newer models are able to tell you there’s a problem with the ABS specifically.
  • Brakes Lock Up: The ABS prevents your wheels from trying to lock up during hard braking, which allows you to maintain traction, thus steer better. When the ABS begins to malfunction, the brakes may lock on you without warning. In this case, the ABS has to be inspected and repaired immediately for your safety.
  • Brake is Difficult to Engage: Though it does not occur across every car fitted with ABS, it is usual for the brake pedal to become non-responsive, as the ABS begins to fail. This is hardly as obvious as a non-functioning brake pedal, which is terrifying and dangerous. Instead, an ABS problem frequently manifests as a brake pedal that seems to be slow to react or that must be depressed aggressively to brake. Over time, the brake pedal could become increasingly difficult to operate.

The Lifespan of the ABS System

The ABS, like the rest of your Volkswagen’s electrical components, requires routine attention. Accidents, hot temperatures, as well as short circuits can all harm it. The ABS unit, on the other hand, can last the entire life of your VW with proper maintenance and care.

Volkswagen ABS Module Repair

Where to Go for Help for your ABS System

Don’t panic if you think your ABS module has to be examined. Bring your VW to our experts at Ultimate European Repair. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to inspect and diagnose the source of your problem using factory-grade equipment designed for accurate results.

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