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The Best Repair Shop In Tolleson To Address A Water Pump Failure In A BMW

Your BMW is designed for high-quality, luxury, and performance driving. In order to maintain that quality, you must pay attention to several components that can cause trouble if they fail. One of these components is the water pump.

A water pump’s job is to circulate the cooling fluid, namely coolant, through the BMW’s engine. This ensures the engine does not overheat, which can cause catastrophic damage. Think about expensive metal parts melting/warping due to extreme heat in some cases!

The pump circulates the coolant from the radiator, and your BMW has a reservoir in your engine bay to add coolant when it is low or after it’s been drained and should be replaced.

Let’s go over some of the causes and signs of water pump failures in BMW and what can be done about it.

Reasons for Water Pump Failure in BMW and Signs to Watch For

Like many mechanical things, a water pump cannot last forever due to natural wear and tear. If you have a high-mileage BMW, it’s a good idea to consider replacing the water pump before it fails to avoid the hassle and possible hazards associated with it failing. If you have 75,000 or more miles on your BMW, consider scheduling an appointment to have the pump inspected and possibly replaced if it’s needed.

Additionally, if the coolant has not been regularly serviced, it can get dirty and damage the water pump. Periodic flushing of the coolant and replacement with fresh fluids is recommended. Your BMW’s service manual should have a section dedicated to service intervals where you can find information on your specific make’s recommendations.

Next, let’s look at some of the signs a water pump failure is impending or has already happened:

Leaking coolant

If your BMW experiences a coolant leak, you are likely to have trouble with the water pump, just as you would if the coolant is dirty. You might notice a puddle of fluid under the car, a low coolant light may appear on the dashboard, or you may see that the level is low in the coolant tank under the hood.

Leaks can sometimes be small and hard to find, however, so if you do not see a leak anywhere, you cannot be sure. This is why it is often best to have a reputable service center inspect your BMW if you suspect any problems with the water pump or associated systems.

High-pitched whining noise

If it sounds like a whining is coming from the engine bay, the water pump’s pulleys or bearing might be at fault. When worn/damaged, they can cause such a sound to emanate from the engine. Note, however, that other drive belts in your BMW can cause similar sounds, and damaged drive belts can be dangerous for you and your car as well. So always have any unusual, new, or odd sound inspected urgently.


Your engine might overheat, which is often indicated by the temperature gauge on your dashboard. You may also see a warning light appear. However, you might also notice other issues such as the engine smelling “hot” or seeing steam/smoke coming out from under the hood.

Radiator steaming

In line with the above warning signs, your radiator might emit steam during overheating. This steam will appear to rise up from under the hood or most likely, from the grill of your BMW. This occurs because the radiator is commonly located just behind the front grill of your car.

If you notice any of the above signs, they can be a warning that something is damaged or broken and needs to be serviced as soon as possible. However, if your water pump has been doing fine and your BMW is reaching higher mileage, consider replacement of the water pump as a preventative maintenance item, as it will eventually wear out.

BMW Water Pump Service

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