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Symptoms Of Power Steering Pump Failure In A Mini Cooper

Mini Coopers have a unique power steering system compared to typical automobiles, and they can develop problems with their power steering pump which controls the steering wheel. Rather than being powered by the engine belts, the power steering pump is powered by an electric motor.

While not being driven by the engine belts frees up some power, it also has a downside. It grows hotter while the pump runs. It is also right beneath the exhaust manifold, which adds to the heat issues.

When the Mini Cooper experiences a power steering pump failure, it can be identified the moment you begin to experience difficulty when driving or when you try to make a turn. Let’s take a closer look at some of the warning signs.

Warning Signs of a Power Steering Pump Failure

  • Constant Squealing: This usually happens when the car first starts and then at points where you make sharp turns. Under the hood of your Mini, you will hear squealing noise, which is an indication that your power steering pump is failing and causing the belt to slip. If this continues over time, then you need to employ the services of well-trained professionals.
  • Stiff Movement: The moment you start to notice that turning your steering wheel has become difficult and consumes a lot of energy, it means that it is failing or is already faulty. This may require you to replace it completely.
  • Slow response when driving: Power steering is an essential part of your car and is a safety issue, if your steering feels slow to respond to when turning a corner, your power steering pump is most likely failing. You may also hear a whining noise in the background.
  • Recurring whining sounds: Something is amiss with your power steering system if you keep hearing a whining noise while turning the wheel of your Mini. It could be due to a leak in the power steering pump or a low fluid If the fluid level remains at this level for an extended period, the entire power steering system may be damaged. Whatever the case, a specialist should inspect and perhaps replace the power steering pump.

Causes of Power Steering Pump Failure

Having identified the most obvious symptoms, let’s highlight the causes of power steering pump failure:


The Mini Cooper was created in the 1960s and has been modified to suit 21st-century specifications, which include a steering wheel that is controlled by the power steering pump pressured by hydraulic fluid. The amount of pressure generated controls how fast the car runs and enables its smooth steering even at low speeds.

The Mini’s power steering pump was praised for its dual-control architecture, which allows it to operate both electrically and hydraulically. Steady hydraulic fluid pressure is required in hydraulic alone power steering pumps. A drive belt attached to the engine is frequently used to provide this consistent pressure. The hydraulic pressure is delivered via an electrical signal only when the driver needs it using the hybrid power steering pump. This pressure leads to overheating which causes the power steering pump to develop problems.


The Mini possesses a cooling fan and its job is to keep the temperature in the automotive parts under control as they do their duties. When the cooling fan is overworked to the point of quitting, the car parts become too hot and when it shuts down, the pump shuts down as well, resulting in steering failure.

The inevitable

Every automobile is subject to wear at some point and this becomes a problem if it is left unchecked.

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