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Factors Responsible For An Engine Speed Sensor Failure In An Audi

Owning an Audi and having a thorough understanding of all of its main components qualifies you as a serious auto enthusiast. However, there are several issues that a car owner may encounter. A faulty engine speed sensor is one of these complications.

The engine speed sensor, also known as the transmission speed sensor, is located on your Audi’s transaxle or transmission and is key to the vehicle’s smooth functioning. It sends information to your car’s computer about how fast your vehicle’s engine is running at any given time.

The sensor delivers this information by measuring the speed at which your Audi’s crankshaft spins. Any defective engine speed sensor can cause a slew of issues in other areas of your vehicle.

Most Common Signs of Engine Speed Sensor Failure

A failed engine speed sensor can bring you an array of problems which might affect your vehicle’s overall performance. That’s why we have come up with a list of some most common signs of an engine speed failure to help you detect it and operate it on time.

Harsh or Rough Gear Changes

This is one of the most obvious symptoms that your Audi’s engine speed sensor has failed. Because of the increased gearbox revs, your car’s gears will not shift as smoothly as before. This signifies that your car’s engine is moving quicker than the vehicle itself, which isn’t healthy for your vehicle at all.

This will also not allow you to change the gears of your car in a swift manner. If things become worse, shifting into higher gears will become practically intolerable. The interior parts of your car, such as hydraulic lines, valve bodies, and, worst of all, the mechanical gears, may be destroyed by this forceful shifting. Your vehicle’s transmission will only go into overdrive after a long amount of time as a result of this.

Faulty Speedometer

A broken speedometer is another sign of a malfunctioning engine speed sensor. If your Audi’s speedometer suddenly stops working, you may be confident that your engine speed sensor has expired. This will prevent your speedometer from displaying your vehicle’s speed.

Having no idea how fast your automobile is going is a grave matter, especially if there’s little to no traffic on the road to help you estimate your car’s speed. This could put you in hot waters as you may encounter an unexpected accident.

Illumination Of Check Engine Light

The powertrain control module will create a trouble code if your car’s engine speed sensor is malfunctioning, causing your check engine light to illuminate on the dashboard. Your check engine light will flash intermittently if you accelerate without any obvious cause. Furthermore, the overdrive light on your vehicle may blink for no apparent reason signalling towards a failed engine speed sensor.

What Causes the Speed Sensor to Fail?

Following factors are responsible for the malfunctioning of your speed sensor:

  • An Internal Fault: A speed sensor with an internal electrical issue may display an erratic signal or no signal at all on your car’s computer. It’s critical to get it checked out by a mechanic at this stage.
  • A Malfunctioning Sensor: Since a sensor is constructed of plastic, it can be damaged or fractured by prolonged exposure to the elements. Furthermore, the magnetic part of the device can also wear out and fail over time.
  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance: The failure of your vehicle’s speed sensor might also be caused by not keeping a close eye on its upkeep. Getting your automobile parts examined by yourself or by a trustworthy mechanic, no matter how hectic your schedule is, is a smart habit to ensure your car’s maintenance.

Ultimate European Repair For Your Audi

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